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I am Anna.

I’m a graphic artist working for a small game developer in Berlin.

When I’m not saving a virtual world from being destroyed, I’m reading fantasy novels or create sweet dainties for me and my beloved ones in my tiny tiny kitchen.

My thoughts are always somewhere else.

My staples are coffee, chocolate and coffee.

Penguins are my all time favorite animals.

I’m a lazy bum, but for my lovelies I work overtime.

I have more handbags / shoulder bags / pouches than socks.

Only a dogs nose is better than mine.

There have to be an even number of toasts in the bag and the volume for music has to be on an even number too.

My favorite numbers are 7, 27 and 35.

For “Hello” and “Goodbye” I’m using “cheers!”, which sounds like the german “tschüß” (= “bye”). Some people geht confused…

I own 40+ different kinds of nail colours.

My nickname “Trooperella” results from my passionate love for stormtroopers.


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