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I am Henny.

I’m a helping web design elf and a marketing-art fairy from Berlin.

I never sleep without my cuddle pillow, no matter if in my bed, on a train ride or at sleep overs.

My taste in music ranges from Lena Meyer Landrut to Nightwish (in Tarjas times) to System of a Down.

Once I’m grown up, I’d like to have a opossum or a fennec.

I talk to myself all the time, even when I’m around others.

My hands are black fingers and all thumbs when it comes to cooking – so I’ll let my girls take care of the culinary category, because I’m even able to scorch water.

Every distance that’s longer than my car I drive with it.

I can’t work without a certain basic chocolate-level.

I’m hoarding sheep cuddle toys.

I’m rather a RPG-player (WoW, Tera, Final Fantasy & Co.), than the shooter-type. But I love the coop-mode of James Bond – Nightfire (GC 2002) and the Gears of Wars series (Xbox, and books).

Even if I’m using a bookmark, I have to read the last 2 pages all over again.

But what really distinguishes me, is my believe that the meaning of life is to be happy and to make your beloved onces happy.

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