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I am Sue.

I work as a graphic artist for a software developer, as one can say I’m a professional nerd…

Instead of coffee I rather drink all kinds of black tea with some milk or cream.

Sometimes I would like to have my salary be paid in chocolate.

Since I’ve played Slenderman, I’m afraid to look out of the windows at night, even on 3rd floor.

I’ve named my guitar “Amy”. All the plants in my apartment have names too.

Sometimes I change my haircolour more often in a month than others in their lifetime.

I’m a huge UK fan. I can’t help but smile if I hear a british or scottish accent.

My greatest fears are crawling critters (all with more than 4 or less than 2 legs… and if it can even fly… oh my…) and dolls.

Pictures hanging crookedly on the wall make me mad.

I generally fall asleep during a movie.

There’s no bigger morning grouch than me. Never speak to me before breakfast.

I strongly believe, one console in a household with two gamers is not enough.

I’m a pacifist. Nevertheless I like playing shooter…

I sort Smarties, Skittles and jellybeans by colour.


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