Doctor Who “Crack in Time” wall deco


I still haven’t recovered yet from the season final. And I’m in a nervous state of waiting for the 50th. I can’t imagine how I can survive this time without the doctor… again, year after year…

This awesome series is not commonly known in Germany (and the hipster-me is kind of glad about that), but I know there are many many Whovians out there who will enjoy this post!

Crack in time

Here are the facts:

This crack is 220cm wide and 50cm high. It matches the width of the IKEA shelf beneath.

I’ve used adhesive foil in dark grey and black (you can find that in your craft store or somewhere in the deep dark pits of the internet).

The whole thing took me about 1 -1 1/2h.


I haven’t used a long piece of dark grey, there are many smaller pieces put together. With a good quality foil the cuts are barely visible. To make the crack-effect more obvious I’ve added a small line of black over the grey. It’s not exact, sometimes its thicker sometimes smaller. A real crack would’nt be exact too.

Putting all the pieces together is much more easy when you do it still with protective paper on the foil. Then you can place the whole crack properly on the wall later.


This wall-tattoo foil has some advantages: it has a clean and high-quality look and you can remove it without residue. But there’s an alternative: wall paint.

You’ll need two colours: grey and black. Try it on the wall or on a piece of paper, wet paint looks so much different from the real colour. Mask the outlines of your crack with painter’s masking tape. If you put some white paint on the edges of the tape, it’ll look cleaner when dry. Let the white dry and paint grey. You can add the black shadow free hand or use masking tape again (but for that you’ll have to wait until the grey paint is completely dry or you can put the masking tape over it.) Whenever removing the masking tape don’t let it dry completely or the paint can crack.

Have fun!

And now I’ll sit here, wait for the Doctor and have Fishfingers & Custard ready…


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