Mana and health-potions necklace – forget being out of mana!


If you have mana- and health-potions with you all the time, you are prepared for sudden boss fights aka important meetings. And the best: this jewellery is absolutely suitable for the office with a subtle geek statement. Because who likes to choose the boring business-look over the cool geeky comicprint shirt. But with this necklace you can show your geekyness in your everyday job! And you can see who of your colleagues has a little geek inside too, because they will recognize it!

in progressI’ve seen many of those necklaces on Etsy & co., but you can make your own. There are no limits! At the moment I try to figure out the right technique and materials (sometimes the glue gets cloudy and ugly). And then I’ll try some other themes. Like Harry Potter Potions with nice little old-fashioned lables on it or Zeldas “fairies in a bottle”. And because these flacons are very light-weighted (only 5g), I can imagine wearing them as earrings too! Maybe I can even figure out a way to wear them on keychains, for the male geek…




Mp & HP - is all you need

This beauty is made of 2 flacons (1,5cm high each) on a 1m silver chain. The flasks are filled with clear liquid glue mixed with red or blue ink. I’ve also made a variation with a cabochon displaying an extra-life symbol. You know, in case of emergency.








Faires in a bottleVery easy to do, very nice.











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