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Here we are: Nerdspirations!

A blog for all you geeks and nerds out there, who love crafting!

A few months ago, we’ve started this project, and now we are translating everything for the whole wide (english speaking) world! If you don’t want to wait for all the posts and can speak german, you can try the original version HERE (or let Google translate it, but no guarantee for that 😉 )

We are 3 girls from Germany with a lot of things in common: we love gaming, crafting, sewing and being creative. We are proud members of the geek world, we are gamergirls! And besides all that digital life, we have in or jobs and free time, we sometimes like to go back to the good old times with pen and paper, sewing machine & co. And we want to share all that with you guys out there!

All the things we do is fanart and custom-made single-unit items. Because we like to craft geeky things, we can’t buy. And we love to make such things as gifts for our friends…

We will post here things in some different categories. We will have DIY topics, like crafting and upcycling. And we like to show you about the good things in life: all the things we cook & bake, like colourful cupcakes or home made burgers. Because life would be boring without those pleasures.

We really hope this language plugin works properly, but please be patient with us 😉


And now: have fun! Read, enjoy and start crafting!

Let us know, what you think! Write us, visit us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter (we will as well start posting there in english too! Promise!)! We’d love to hear from you!


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